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1. Are either abstracts or full papers going to be published in Conference Book?
Only full papers compatible with the conference format are going to be published in the Conference Book.

2. Are abstracts in Conference Book going to be in English or Turkish?
For Turkish papers, abstracts are going to be both in Turkish and English; for English papers, abstracts are going to be in English.

3. May I present my paper in Turkish written in English?
Accepted papers in English are going to be presented in English.

4. May I e-mail my conference paper?
Paper submissions are only accepted via on-line system.

5. Am I Able to present without being present at the Conference?
Yes. As long as you register and you are in the conference program, you are able to present your paper on-line at the assigned date and time.  

6. Is a participation certificate going to be given for the authors presented papers?
Yes. For each registered presenter, a participation certificate is going to be given. For papers with multiple authors, only the author who presents at the conference is going to be given the certificate.  

7. Am I going to be able to publish my conference paper in a conference journal?
Yes. You can submit your paper to a conference journal. Your submission must be compatible with the writing rules and format of the journal. After a referee evaluation process, all papers will to be published in the conference journals by getting a 75% discount on the regular fee. All publications will receive DOI numbers.  

8. Are conference journals international and accountable for academic appoinments?
All conference journals are placed in many international search indexes, e.g. EconLit, EBSCO, ISI, etc. Each article published in these journals gets a DOI number.